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VOCORD Phobos IPtel

Phobos IPtel. Server for analysing IP-telephony protocols

Server under OC Linux with installed Phobos IPtel software. Responsible for analyzing IP-telephony traffic, connects to the network through Ethernet ports. One server can do real-time processing and record into the archive up to 300 IP-connections simultaneously.

Phobos Server. Archive server

Server under OC Windows with installed Phobos Server software. Stores the audio archive of all conversations.

Phobos Client. Operator’s location

Computer with installed Phobos Client software. Allows the operator to search, process, listen to all audio recordings; supports the entire functionality of Phobos Audio system.

The system is purchased as a license for Phobos IPtel software for the required number of IP-connections. The rest of the required software for the archive server and operator’s locations is supplied free of charge.

The system has a geographically distributed architecture: it is unlimitedly scaled according to the number of IP-connections processed and supports an unlimited number of servers of both types and an unlimited number of operators’ work stations. The whole system can be deployed on one server with the help of a virtual machine.

The system can be supplied either as software for independent installation by the client and as a turn-key system, ready to use.

You can obtain information about the prices, estimate server requirements and order the system for a test from our managers by phone +7 (495) 787-26-26 or e-mail sales@vocord.com