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vocord-parking-s Legend Pole PTZ camera T787TT 199 Time: 21:42 Time: 21:13 A111AA 777 E181TA 37 Time: 21:30 E181TA 37 Time: 21:45 ATTENTION: Parking more than 15 minutes B222AB 777 Time: 21:22 Time: 21:44 A588BX 777 Time: 21:43 X111XX 150 Time: 21:33 E333EA 50 Time: 21:39 A444AA 150

In the area of paid open parking or bridge where parking is prohibited a reversing IP-camera of high definition is used. The camera controls the parking area, automatically moving according to presets and fixing every vehicle and license plate in the control zone.

When used on paid parking VOCORD Parking S is integrated with automated system of payment collection. After the system registers the appearance of a new car, a request is sent to the automated payment system. If an unpaid car is detected, the system starts time calculation: if the car is detected again 15 or more minutes later (the time span is configured), VOCORD Parking S will send a notification about non-payment and all the evidence proving the violation to the police data center.

When used in places where parking is prohibited, VOCORD Parking S operates according to the same principle, only without integration with third-party systems.

All cars are fixed by the system, their license plates are recognized and stored in the archive, regardless of whether they violated the rules or not. All of them can be automatically checked in the databases of the police. The system VOCORD Parking S has a geographically distributed architecture and can include an unlimited number of video cameras which control several parking areas in different cities.

Evidentiary material
on the violation

For every car captured by the camera the system collects the following material: