Вокорд. Системы видеонаблюдения, распознавания лиц, фотофиксации нарушений ПДД, аудиорегистрации

How it works

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Technical characteristics
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The entry to the territory is equipped with IP cameras. For a standard checkpoint: one camera for entry and one camera for exit. When a vehicle approaches the checkpoint, its license plate is automatically recognized and stored in the archive together with the data about the date, time and place of entry.

The information about the vehicle is displayed on the operator's monitor screen with specification whether access is granted or denied, a recognized plate number, close-up of the vehicle and license plate number, colour indicator of a vehicle type and comments.

If the license plate is on the list of vehicles permitted to enter the territory, the system automatically raises the turnpike, or the turnpike rises on command of the guard. The guard can add a new vehicle on the list at the moment of entry. If the guard grants unauthorized access to a vehicle (opens the gate to an unknown car without adding it on the list), this will be displayed in the system log.

The system allows to control the actual situation at the checkpoint - look through the video from the cameras and record it into the archive, efficiently manage applications for entry permit, control the length and legitimacy of the vehicle's stay on the territory and build analytical reports according to various parameters: vehicles on the territory, vehicles that did not leave the territory, vehicles that did not enter the territory, classification of vehicles according to license plate type and category, place and time of entry / exit, etc.

The system is easy to install and configure and is supplied as a ready for setup unit (video camera, server, pre-installed software), or as software with recommendations on the choice of equipment. VOCORD ParkingControl software is developed on the basis of the software for video surveillance and video analytics VOCORD Tahion and employs the basic server modules of the latter and its own client applications.