Вокорд. Системы видеонаблюдения, распознавания лиц, фотофиксации нарушений ПДД, аудиорегистрации

Audio recording

Technologies of streaming audio recording allow to listen to and record any voice traffic: landline phones, IP-telephony, microphones and other audio content.


First on the market

The recording of audio data is the oldest activity of our company. In 1999 Vocord became the pioneer of the rapidly evolving market, offering one of the first digital systems of registering telephone conversations which replaced systems of magnetic tape recording. Vocord's technologies literally transformed the market.

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Simplicity and reliability

At the beginning of the 2000s audio registration systems VOCORD Phobos were installed in almost every Russian bank. The systems proved to be so reliable that users sometimes forgot where audio registration boards were physically installed - due to faultless work for 5-10 years.

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Universal instruments of control

Systems of recording telephone conversations became indispensable. They allow to assess service quality, resolve disputes with clients and prevent information leaks. Vocord's products for audio registration allow to record conversations on any telephone lines (digital, analog, E1 stream), microphones, IP-telephony, mobile traffic, as well as implement warning using any channels of communication.

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Unique project development

Specially for one of the largest telecom and mobile operators in the country we developed unique technologies for mobile traffic analysis. With the help of these solutions the operator implemented a programme to combat fraud in mobile networks. The system allows to detect and track down events related to spam, fraudulent sms, substitution of base station and other suspicious activities.

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Technology-based products

Main fields

Call centers
Emergency services
Trade and services
Dispatch and information services